Majority of emails are now opened on mobile - Design your email marketing campaigns for mobile.

People love mobile more than laptop :). Now more than 60% of emails are opened on mobile. This means your emails should be mobile-friendly, here are some points that will help you make your emails look great on mobiles:

Simple and clean

Screen space is very important on mobile (this is going to be a common theme), so try to keep your design very clean and simple and include required information only.

One call to action

Single call to action works best on mobiles. The button or link should be loud and clear. Ideally it should be at the top to middle position.


Try to avoid images or use less number of images. Reason is many mobile devices do not display the images by default. Also use alt attribute, so that your image description is visible even when the image is not displayed.


Try to avoid small font size, use minimum 12pt, although size has relation with font-family. The idea is email content must be easily readable.

Single Column

Do not use multi-column layout, single column works best.