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email marketing FAQ


How do I configure my leadsNyou account?
You do not need to configure anything, our system configures everything for you automatically.

How can I create a free account?
Please go to to start experiencing our smart email marketing service at free of cost.

How can I upgrade my free account?
Please sign in using your free account, under 'My Account' section you will get 'Upgrade' option.

How can I contact leadsNyou for any account related issues?
You can always email us at

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What is an autoresponder?
An Autoresponder is a tool for sending one or more emails to your contacts automatically over a period of time.

You can use it to send an automated email reply to a contact who subscribes to your newsletter through your signup form. Agagin you can specify on which day after signing up the contact will receive the message.

You can also use it to send emails to contacts when they are added to a particular group.

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What happens if I am not able to pay on time?
We will try to get the payment several times. If we don't receive the payment even after then your account will be blocked until we get paid. As soon as your account is unblocked you will get your contacts, email campaigns or any other information that you have with leadsNyou intact.

What is leadsNyou's refund policy?
We do not offer refunds. You have full oportunity to test our system thoroughly before you purchase.

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What is a campaign?
Campaign is a message or set of messages which you send using your account to your contacts group. You can also test a campaign before sending out to selested group of contacts.

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How can I add contacts?
Using our contact management system you can add one or multiple contacts at a time, you also have the option of importing contacts.

We also provide option of using signup form to add contacts.

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What is leadsNyou email delivery rate?
Well, the fact is email delivery rate can never be fixed for every email that you send out. It is dependent on factors like the content of the messages, number of ISPs and their corresponding spam policy.

We would rather request you to test out leadsNyou Email Marketing thouroughly in this regard.

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Email Marketing

What is email marketing?
Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of direct marketing. It uses emails as a means of communication. It is used to increase revenue, boost sales, generate leads, build brand awareness or shorten sale cycles. Compared to other media investments email marketing is less expensive too. You can use it to enhance relationship with your customers or potential customers.

Will email marketing help me?
Internet usage in current world is exceeding daily and these users spend most of their online time in handling emails, considering this no busineses can ignore the impact of email marketing on sales.

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What is newsletter?
Newsletter is a type of message that is used for announcements, offers, greetings.

Can I paste text from MS Word to the editor?
No, the editor is not fully compatible with MS Word formatting. We suggest Notepad for this purpose.

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Signup Form

What is signup form?
Signup form is a technology through which visitors of your website subscribe to your email newsletter. All the information submitted via the signup form is added to the associated contact list in your leadsNyou account.

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Split Testing

What is split testing?
Split testing allows you to check which of your marketing messages is the most successful one and based on the results you can take necessary actions. This is an experiment that you do on a small number of users before sending out to a large number of audience.

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Quick Stats

Are my quick stats/reports kept forever?
Yes, but only if you don't cancel your account with leadsNyou. We remove all your information only when you cancel your account.

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