growing subscriber list

The most important part of running email campaigns successfully is to build a solid subscriber list. You may already have number of subscribers or you have just started building your list, following suggestions will definitely help you.

Optimizing signup form

  • Use a professional looking signup form in your website.
  • Use a checkbox field 'Signup for newsletter' in your site's contact us, registration pages.
  • Place a link of your signup form in every pages of your site.
  • Advertise your signup form URL through company invoices, documentations etc.

Refresh memory

Memory refreshing emails are very important when you have a list of subscribers, but you have not communicated them for long period. Most of the time your subscribers will not be able to recognize you, so you should always send an email as re introducing yourself, this will have a great impact on your next email campaign using these subscribers. Remember if a subscriber does not recognize you, the email (of your campaign) will have poor open rate.