newsletter strategy

Email newsletter is a great way to communicate and stay in touch with your contacts. With email newsletter’s wide acceptance it has become a major part of marketing. Generally email newsletter provides information like upcoming events, current news etc.

While developing a marketing plan using email newsletter do not forget to consider the following:


Spend time in setting the objectives of your email newsletter. If the objective is not set, your time and money are surely going to be wasted.


Identify your recipients, all of your recipients might not like it so use proper segmentation. Also do not forget to integrate a signup form with your site.


It should be short, no one likes to read when the email size is big. Use minimal but stunning images, and try to place links to your web page. Check how it looks without your images, because this is the initial content that your recipients will most likely see (most email engine allow downloading images only when requested by your recipients).


Make sure your recipients remember you and again you are not disturbing them.