Effective email marketing strategies to stay relevant in 2016

Approx 4.6 billion email accounts will be there by 2016 year-end. This indicates how big the audience we have in email marketing, but to make most out of it you need to change your strategy. It is impotant that you undertand your subscribers' needs.

Here are some practices that you can adopt to make your email marketing campaigns more effective this year.

Video and GIF

Video is more engaging than plain content and images, and many organizations already got much higher click-through rates by incorporating the same in their email campaigns. But videos may not play within inbox, not to worry, there are ways to get it done.

GIF is graphics interchange format, GIFs display multiple images to create effect of animation. Widely supported in email clients, marketers use it frequently and the end result is more engaging emails.


Use personalized emails and see the effect, you can use personalization by using subscriber specific informtion to send better emails. Example - you can personalize your campaigns by location.

Mobile friendly

You can not ignore the power of mobile in this age. We have already covered mobile friendly email marketing in detail.

Wishing you achieve more successful email campaigns this year!