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If the email id exists under the sun, the email will reach the contact, no need to think about those technical constraints like ISP issues, spam filters and so on, our mailing engine is smart enough to bypass all. All emails sent by our platform is signed using DKIM, so that your message is trusted by major ISPs.
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Our platform should be used only for permission based contacts. We do not allow sending emails to purchased list. Please do not try our platform with purchased list as our policy is to suspend those accounts forever without any refund.

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Email marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing tools. Email marketing utilizes email as a means of communicating messages to people. If properly used it serves as a great tool to enhance relationships with your customers and potential customers, and no business can deny the power of strong customer relationships.

While doing email marketing you have to keep in mind that it is a process; you should carry on your email campaigns in a planned way.
Successful email marketing involves not only communicating but also analyzing the behavior of your subscribers.

An important form of email marketing is email drip marketing. Email drip marketing is a form of email marketing where you send or drip emails to leads (or subscribers or contacts) on a scheduled basis.
Generally converting a lead involves not only sending one email; rather it needs a number of emails to be sent over a period of time. You also need to set up the interval between two consecutive emails properly as nobody would like to receive emails about your products daily, again too much delay is also not desirable.
It is proved that a lead is more interested to do business with a company whose email drip marketing is done in a proper manner.