email marketing API

leadsNyou Email Marketing API lets you synchronize your application with leadsNyou Email Marketing. With this powerful API, you can manage your contacts, send email campaigns, fetch results and perform other required tasks.

Currently the API service is available to paid users only, and it is free of cost.

While developing our API we prioritize your ease of use, and came up with a solution that is robust and can be implemented very easily. Our technical team is also here to help you at every step of your implementation.

Our API bundle currently uses XML to interchange data between your application and leadsNyou. Your application requests a service using XML structure and we respond using XML structure too. All of your XML requests should contain your private API Key that we provide you; without a valid API Key, it is not possible to use the API service.


Using our email marketing API service, you can add, edit, delete groups or check various reports.


Our email marketing API service lets you add, edit, delete contacts or check campaign details of contacts.

Email Campaign

Using our email marketing API service, you can create, edit, delete, send email campaigns to your contacts (recipients). You can also schedule email campaign for sending at any time in future.

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