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Social Share
Now your recipients can share your emails with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on.
Google Map
We have integrated Google Map so that you can view location based email opens, clicks.
Google Analytics
Now your email campaigns are also integrated with Google Analytics.

power features

Social share widget

Your emails have all major social networks integration tool. Imagine when your recipients will share your email through this tool how many people in the world will view that. This tool is found at the top of your email, and all you need to do is checking an option (‘Integrate social media’).

Google Map

Everyone knows Google Map is a great tool, so we decided to integrate that in our reposting system. When you select a campaign to view respective opens, clicks, bounces etc. you will find Google Map below the stats showing you contacts’ (who opened or clicked) geographical location.

Google Analytics

It is another great piece of work from Google. Your emails can have Google Analytics integrated (only if you check ‘Enable Google Analytics tracking’). When you enable it, you will be able to track how many visit your site from the link inside your email.

Rules and alerts

These two extremely powerful tools, if used properly. When you want to make a group with recipients who opened your email, use ‘Rules’ functionality. You can setup a rule that will create a copy or move the contact to a separate group automatically.
No need to check reports section to get an idea of how many opened or clicked on your email. You can create custom alerts that will send you email when 5 contacts open your campaign or click your email.

List segmentation

Segmentation is filtering your contacts. Utilizing segmentation you can send specify more targeted list. While sending an email campaign, use it to restrict email delivery to a particular domain and so on.