why email marketing?


Building relationship with your contacts is the key to successful business, and communication helps in building this relationship so you need to follow a well-planned process to communicate with your contacts. Remember, if you fail to build up healthy relationship with your customers you will fail to run the business.

When you get leads, take it as starting point of building relationships. Inform them about your company, products and services, upcoming events, special packages and so on. Increase their interest level through proper communication and they will never frustrate you.

Research proved that email marketing is the most effective, proven and highly used form of marketing to communicate in style and build great relationships. Engage your leads and see the difference.


To grow your business you need to pay attention to both the new and existing clients. Existing customers should be attended properly as they bear the goodwill of a company, it is important to get in touch with them periodically so that they feel to be a part of the organization.
Again, building up new customer base is the most crucial part of any business. There are many ways to do so but one of the highly used one is – integrating a signup form with website. Remember, when people signup to receive emails from you, they like something about your company and waiting to receive useful information from you.

Today, one of the most powerful sources of generating leads is social networking; these are great tools for marketing. Moreover, this becomes more powerful when email marketing and social networking get integrated. Imagine when your recipients share the email you sent to them with these networks how many people view it.

Low cost

Email marketing is undoubtedly the low cost marketing tool. If we compare email marketing’s cost with other medium like direct mailing, you will be surprised to know that email marketing is 50 times cheaper than direct mailing.


Ease of use of email marketing has certainly made it more acceptable. Even a non-technical user can learn it within few hours. After all the major tasks are to add or import contacts, create the email, send it and keep an eye on the report.

Immediate result

One of the great things about email marketing is its speed. It is fast to implement and result can be tacked immediately. You can estimate the ROI within couple of days.