We do not want you to bother technical stuffs, but you should also understand how a spam filter works, this will help you in managing your campaigns more efficiently.

We studied nearly 15% of your emails are lost, and spam filters play a big role here. Spam filters love bite emails having ‘FREE’, ‘BUY NOW’ kind of texts. There is no hard and fast rule in avoiding spam filters with guarantee; we are doing what we can do and here is what you should do.

Try to avoid

  • Words like 'Click here', 'Once in a lifetime', 'Free'.
  • Excessive use of CAPS.
  • Excessive use of exclamation marks.
  • 'Test' or similar words in subject line.
  • Poor HTML layout.
  • Red colored fonts.

You should also keep an eye on open rates of your campaigns. If you find sudden decrease in open rates, do not sit idle and take it seriously. If required contact us.

Try to

  • Get yourself added in your subscribers' address book.
  • Use full name of your subscribers in email campaigns.

Remember nothing works as magic wand but utilizing every bit can provide great result.